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Bs in a Pod Podcast


B’s in a Pod is a podcast series sponsored by Pfizer Hemophilia and hosted by Becky VanSant, a longtime community advocate whose daughter has severe hemophilia. In this series, Becky speaks with patients, caregivers, and friends in the hemophilia community about a range of important issues.

Season 1

Advocacy Groups and Hemophilia B

Becky chats with Wayne and Paul, members of the hemophilia B community, about different advocacy groups and how they can help people and families with hemophilia B.

Hemophilia in Sibling Relationships

Paul, who has hemophilia B, chats with Becky about what it was like growing up with his brother, who does not have hemophilia, and his 2 sisters, who are symptomatic carriers.

Hemophilia Education for People Outside the Family

Becky talks with Paul, a person with hemophilia B, and Matt, who has a son with hemophilia B, about sharing a hemophilia diagnosis with new people at school, in social situations, in professional settings, and more.

Self-infusion and Camp

Becky talks with Matt and Melissa, both of whom have a son with hemophilia, about how camp can play a part in teaching self-infusion.

Hemophilia Caregiver 101

Becky and Melissa share their experiences caring for a child with hemophilia and how they learned to help advocate for their kids.

ER Visits and Hemophilia

Matt, the father of a son with hemophilia B, talks with Becky about how his family prepares for emergencies and explains strategies that have helped his family to have more successful emergency room visits.

Making the Most out of HTC Visits

Melissa, the mother of a son with hemophilia B, talks with Becky about how to optimize time spent during an HTC visit, including how her son’s visits are structured and how she partners with his care team.

Dating and Marriage With Hemophilia B

Becky chats with Wayne, a 56-year-old man with hemophilia, about his experiences discussing his condition with romantic partners and dealing with hemophilia while in a relationship.

Managing Emotions

Becky talks with Wayne, who has hemophilia, about how he deals with some of the emotional struggles he experiences as a result of his condition.

The B2B Advisory Board

Becky discusses the work of the Pfizer Hemophilia B2B Advisory Board with its chair, Wayne, and Bridget, who helps to develop the programs.

Season 2

Hemophilia Hacks: Part 1

Becky and Matt discuss tips and tricks for managing hemophilia that were submitted by members of the community.

Hemophilia Hacks: Part 2

Becky and Matt continue to discuss hemophilia hacks submitted by the community in the second installment of the Season 2 premiere.

Women With Hemophilia

Elizabeth and Kirstin, who both have hemophilia B, talk with Becky about their experiences as women in the male-dominated hemophilia community.

Relationships and Hemophilia B

Becky talks with Rocky and Brittany, a recently married couple, about navigating a relationship impacted by hemophilia B.

Connections Across Generations

Guest hosts Wayne and Chad, 2 older men in the community, sit down with Rocky, a younger community member, to discuss intergenerational connection in the hemophilia B community.

Going Away to College

Guest host Matt chats with Elizabeth, a college senior, and Josh, a recent graduate, about managing hemophilia while away at college.

Using Music as a Creative Outlet

Our usual host, Becky, passes the mic to her daughter Elizabeth, a person with severe hemophilia, to guest host this episode. Elizabeth, who is studying to be a music therapist, chats with Spencer, a musician and teacher who also has severe hemophilia, about how music can make a difference in the lives of people with hemophilia. The pair talk about using music as a creative outlet, how playing instruments impacts them physically, and what they would recommend to help someone connect to music.

Events in the Hemophilia Community

Guest host Matt sits down with Jill, a caregiver, and Paul and Shelby, who have hemophilia B, to talk about events in the hemophilia community. Recorded on site at The Coalition for Hemophilia B Annual Symposium, the group discusses how their involvement in the community has evolved over the years and what they would recommend for new families who are looking to get involved at local and national events.

Season 3

Pain, Depression, and Hemophilia

Dr Terry Anderson of Pfizer Hemophilia shares insights from her research on pain and depression in hemophilia.

The Role of the Social Worker

Becky talks with Kathaleen Schnur, a social worker at a hemophilia treatment center (HTC), about the role a social worker can play as part of the care team.

Hemophilia and Physical Therapy

Bruno Steiner, a physical therapist, chats with Becky about physical therapy as part of the comprehensive treatment of hemophilia.

Mental Health and Hemophilia

Former HTC social worker Ed Kuebler shares some insights on his experience with mental health in the hemophilia community.

Hemophilia in Children and Teens

Host Becky and pediatric hematologist Dr Stacy Croteau focus on the transitions that occur in hemophilia care from childhood to adolescence and beyond.

Adventure Education and the Hemophilia Community

Adventure education enthusiast Pat Torrey from GutMonkey is both a teacher and a student when it comes to the hemophilia community; here, he talks with Becky about those experiences.

Women With Hemophilia: A Physician’s Perspective

Becky chats with Dr Robert Sidonio about a shared interest: women with bleeding disorders. The pair discuss terminology, testing, comprehensive care, and more in this episode.

Advances in Treatment

Pfizer medical affairs colleague Dr Patrick Fogarty sits down with Becky to chat about advances in the science and management of hemophilia and keeping the care team involved in all treatment discussions.