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Caregivers & Family

Often, hemophilia is thought of as a condition that only impacts males. Over the past several years, however, the topic of women with hemophilia has been receiving more attention in the medical community. This site is intended to be a home for education and resources that shine light on a segment of the community that historically has been underserved. From patients and caregivers to health care providers, the female perspective can be found here.

Women have been involved in Pfizer’s B2B Advisory Board for over 15 years and have endorsed and helped shape many of these resources. We aim to continue to listen to and elevate the voices of females in the hemophilia community.

We hope this page helps build awareness, understanding, and acceptance of women in the hemophilia community.

Perspective: Caregivers and Family

Caregivers and family members make up an important part of the females in the hemophilia community. The stories below explore points of view from female family members and caregivers who share their perspectives and experiences firsthand.

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Relationships and Hemophilia B

Becky talks with Rocky and Brittany, a recently married couple, about navigating a relationship impacted by hemophilia B.

Hemophilia in Sibling Relationships

Paul, who has hemophilia B, chats with Becky about what it was like growing up with his brother, who does not have hemophilia, and his 2 sisters, who are symptomatic carriers.

Hemophilia Caregiver 101

Becky and Melissa share their experiences caring for a child with hemophilia and how they learned to help advocate for their kids.

Making the Most out of HTC Visits

Melissa, the mother of a son with hemophilia B, talks with Becky about how to optimize time spent during an HTC visit, including how her son’s visits are structured and how she partners with his care team.