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Going to college

Hemophilia college checklist (STUDI)

Search for your local chapter and HTC: It’s a good idea to locate a chapter and HTC near your child’s school that he or she can visit for treatment, support, and socializing. You can find these organizations using our handy local chapter and HTC finder.

Talk to your roommates: Your child is going to be in close quarters with roommates, so making sure your child has a conversation with his or her roommates about hemophilia prior to the beginning of the school year might be a good idea. This way, your child’s roommates won’t get scared when they see him or her infusing.

Update your address: Factor cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. If your child self-infuses, arrange for a shipping address at his or her school or use a nearby family member or friend’s house or apartment address. You or your child should talk to the school's health department to find out if factor can be shipped directly to a school address.

Don’t leave home without it (medical-alert bracelet): Impress upon your child the importance of carrying or wearing a medical identifier at all times. Believe it or not, a medical bracelet can be a good icebreaker.

ICE it: Be sure your child stores their ICE (In Case of Emergency) number in their cell phone and keeps it posted somewhere visible so others can easily access it if need be.