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Wayne is a father of 3, a golfer, a car enthusiast, a person with hemophilia, and a long-time mentor to the hemophilia community. 

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Wayne’s story

Handling his health

Wayne was diagnosed with hemophilia when he was 6 years old after a head injury called attention to his bleeding disorder. He was treated with fresh frozen plasma and spent days in the hospital. His
initial treatment was managed by the family physician, and it wasn’t until 1985 that Wayne became a patient at an HTC.

I am too busy with my life
to let hemophilia rule me.

Because of his health issues, Wayne was not able to exercise much, and he developed a weight problem. This, in turn, led to other health problems unrelated to hemophilia, including cardiac issues. He has also undergone several surgeries. Wayne advises people with hemophilia to be proactive about their health. “Think about other issues beyond hemophilia—other comorbidities, other health issues—such as diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure. I wish I would have tried to stay a little healthier earlier in my life. I’m healthier now today than I was then, but I think I should have tried to be healthier in my 30s and 40s.”

In spite of his health issues, Wayne has worked to live without being held back by his condition. “My hemophilia is second nature to me now. I go for checkups every 6 months, and I am too busy with my life to let hemophilia rule me.”

Older and wiser

Now that Wayne is older, he likes to use his experience to help others who are aging with hemophilia. “Communicate with every member of your care team all the time. Become your own advocate and insist that they speak with you and each other about your care.” He also keeps an ongoing list of his medications with him at all times and takes note of any new symptoms. “As we age, problems do develop, and letting your physician know right away is the best way to deal with them.”

I plan on living as long as I can live and enjoying my life.

Wayne says he’s looking forward to retiring and moving somewhere warmer where he can go to the beach and play golf. “I plan on living as long as I can live and enjoying my life. I always like to tell people, try not to sweat the small stuff. The small stuff can really wear on you. You really don’t need to let the small stuff bother you.”