Hemophilia B Endorsed

B2B Podcast: B’s in a Pod

B’s in a Pod is a podcast series sponsored by Pfizer Hemophilia where host Becky VanSant speaks with patients, caregivers, and friends in the hemophilia B community to talk about a range of important issues.


Becky VanSant

Becky VanSant is the mother of 3 daughters, one of whom has severe hemophilia B. She is an executive committee member of the B2B Advisory Board. A long-time advocate, Becky has a wealth of experience as a caregiver and deep roots in the hemophilia B community that have prepared her to lead discussions on current issues. Although she loves chatting about all topics relevant to hemophilia B, the one closest to her heart is advocacy for women with the condition.


Advocacy Groups and Hemophilia B
Host Becky chats with Wayne and Paul, members of the hemophilia B community, about the different advocacy groups in existence and how they can help people and families with hemophilia B.read more
Hemophilia in Sibling Relationships
Host Becky talks with Paul, a person with hemophilia B, about what it was like growing up with his brother, who does not have hemophilia, and his two sisters, who are symptomatic carriers.read more

Hemophilia Education for People Outside the Family
Host Becky talks with Paul, a person with hemophilia B, and Matt, who has a son with hemophilia B, about sharing a hemophilia diagnosis with new people at school, in social situations, in professionalread more

Self-infusion and Camp
Host Becky talks with Matt and Melissa, both of whom have a son with hemophilia who has learned to self-infuse.read more

Hemophilia Caregiver 101
Host Becky talks with Melissa; both women have a child with hemophilia, and in this episode, they share their experiences.read more

ER Visits and Hemophilia
Host Becky talks with Matt, the father of a son with hemophilia B, about his family’s experiences with the emergency room.read more

Making the Most out of HTC Visits
Host Becky talks with Melissa, the mother of a son with hemophilia B, about how to optimize time spent during an HTC visit.read more

Dating and Marriage with Hemophilia B
Host Becky chats with Wayne, a 56-year-old man with hemophilia, about his experiences with dating and marriage as they relate to his condition.read more

Managing Emotions
Host Becky talks with Wayne, who has hemophilia, about some of the emotions he experiences as a result of his condition.read more

The B2B Advisory Board
Host Becky recounts the history of the Pfizer Hemophilia B2B Advisory Board with its chair, Wayne, and Bridget, who helps to develop the programs.read more

  • “I try to foster healthy self-esteem by trying new things with the confidence of a survivor and the wisdom of a mature bleeder. Chronic illness is a blessing when its management is just part of life.”

    Paul B.
  • “I think it is so important to make the chronic illness a nondefining part of life. My daughter has hemophilia B, but that certainly isn’t the most important thing I want people to know about her. We’ve worked hard to make sure we keep hemophilia B in a place of balance in our lives.”
    Becky V.
  • “I strongly encourage other caregivers to get involved. This gives you the tools and strength to better advocate for your care. It also provides that all-important support system.”

    Nina D.
  • “I go to my hematologist with the direct intent of discussing my treatment plan and product, not empty minded, waiting for instruction.”
    Felix G.
  • “Walking is particularly difficult, so I limp in private and swagger in public.”
    Paul B.