Pfizer B2B Consumer Advisory Board


The Pfizer B2B Consumer Advisory Board was developed to directly connect Pfizer to hemophilia B patients and caregivers in order to gain firsthand feedback from the hemophilia B community. As a result, the B2B program has created tools and resources to support the community and continues to evolve to address needs as they change.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Pfizer B2B Consumer Advisory Board is for patients and caregivers to share firsthand accounts about everyday life with hemophilia B and to provide insights and recommendations about treatment and the community.


The objectives of the Pfizer B2B Consumer Advisory Board are:

  • To address the challenges hemophilia B patients face, especially those evident when transitioning from one life stage to another, by providing relevant education and information
  • To address the challenges those supporting hemophilia B patients face, including spouses, caregivers, and siblings, by providing relevant education and information
  • To strengthen the internal support system and educational network within the hemophilia B community

The Pfizer B2B Consumer Advisory Board was formed in 2006. Members of the board include hemophilia B patients and caregivers for those with hemophilia B, and incorporate visitors, including health care professionals, insurance specialists, and other professionals who are active participants in the hemophilia B community. They meet twice a year to provide insight on marketplace dynamics, advise about needs within the hemophilia B community, give updates on trends in patient care, identify gaps in education, and offer input about patient programs.

Together, Pfizer and the board of 25 dedicated patients and caregivers have developed a library of B2B resources for the hemophilia community, including:

  • Eight books, focusing on the different stages of life and how hemophilia impacts them, as well as other important patient topics, such as empowerment and self-advocacy
  • A series of informational videos
  • Pfizer's breakthrough hemophilia smartphone app, HemMobileHemMobile
  • B2B patient stories and articles
  • Resources addressing insurance issues, clinical challenges, and hospitalization, as they relate to hemophilia B
  • Several other initiatives currently in process

The advisory board’s continued partnership with Pfizer proves to be beneficial not only for the patients and caregivers within the hemophilia B community, but also to Pfizer as the company learns how to better serve those in the hemophilia community. This cooperation between the company and those affected by hemophilia creates a setting that allows all involved parties to work together to help shape the future of hemophilia B care.

  • “I try to foster healthy self-esteem by trying new things with the confidence of a survivor and the wisdom of a mature bleeder. Chronic illness is a blessing when its management is just part of life.”

    Paul B.
  • “I think it is so important to make the chronic illness a nondefining part of life. My daughter has hemophilia B, but that certainly isn’t the most important thing I want people to know about her. We’ve worked hard to make sure we keep hemophilia B in a place of balance in our lives.”
    Becky V.
  • “I strongly encourage other caregivers to get involved. This gives you the tools and strength to better advocate for your care. It also provides that all-important support system.”

    Nina D.
  • “I go to my hematologist with the direct intent of discussing my treatment plan and product, not empty minded, waiting for instruction.”
    Felix G.
  • “Walking is particularly difficult, so I limp in private and swagger in public.”
    Paul B.