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Pfizer B2B Consumer Advisory Board

About the Advisory Board

The Pfizer B2B Consumer Advisory Board was formed in 2006 to directly connect Pfizer to people with hemophilia B and their caregivers in order to gain firsthand feedback from the hemophilia B community. The advisory board meets twice a year to provide insight on the needs of the hemophilia B community and give feedback on patient programs. As a result, the B2B program’s tools and resources keep evolving in order to address the community’s changing needs. 

Our mission

The purpose of the Pfizer B2B Consumer Advisory Board is for patients and caregivers to share firsthand accounts about everyday life with hemophilia B and to provide insights and recommendations about treatment and the community.

Our goals

The objectives of the Pfizer B2B Consumer Advisory Board are:

  • To address the challenges faced by people with hemophilia B, especially those evident when transitioning from one life stage to another, by providing relevant education and information
  • To address the challenges faced by those supporting people with hemophilia B, including spouses, caregivers, and siblings, by providing relevant education and information
  • To strengthen the internal support system and educational network within the hemophilia B community

Our initiatives

Together, Pfizer and the board of 25 dedicated patients and caregivers have developed a library of B2B resources for the hemophilia community, including:

  • Books focusing on the different stages of life and how hemophilia impacts them, as well as other important patient topics, such as empowerment and self-advocacy
  • A series of informational videos
  • Pfizer's hemophilia smartphone app, HemMobile
  • B2B patient stories and articles
  • Resources addressing insurance issues, clinical challenges, and hospitalization, as they relate to hemophilia B
  • Several other initiatives currently in process

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