Pfizer’s dedication to the hemophilia community extends beyond
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Additional savings program

Program Overview

The Factor Virtual Debit Card assists eligible, commercially insured factor patients who are covered for factor through their health insurance company. The savings program provides up to $12,000 per year to assist with out-of-pocket costs for factor.

How the Program Works


Patient enrolls in the Factor Savings Program and obtains an 11-digit member number/patient identifier.


Patient receives treatment with factor. Physician follows standard procedure for collection of patient co-pay.


Provider submits claim to patient’s health insurance company.


Patient and provider receive Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement.


If the product is covered by the patient’s health insurance, the patient and/or provider may fill out an enrollment form to enroll in the Virtual Debit Card Program using the patient’s unique 11-digit member number. The Virtual Debit Card enrollment form and the EOB must then be faxed to the Factor Savings Card Program at 1 (844)-250-7194.*


Factor Savings Program coordinator reviews EOB and enrollment form, and, once approved, faxes the Factor Savings Virtual Debit Card details to the patient’s provider/treatment center.


Provider/treatment center uses the Factor Savings Virtual Debit Card to pay for the patient’s medication.


For each subsequent claim, an EOB may be submitted with the patient’s 11-digit member number/patient identifier to the same fax number in order to continue to receive benefits from the program.

Check Eligibility

Eligible Patients: Commercially insured whose health insurance covers Factor. Enrollment in the Factor Savings Program ensures eligibility. You can enroll here:

Noneligible Patients: Patients on government assistance health care programs.

* Please note: Patient or physician must provide the savings card member number on the form. Fax numbers for the site must be up to date if applying for a Virtual Debit Card. Physician signature is required. Patient or physician must indicate if submitting enrollment for Virtual Debit Card or reimbursement via check. All checks will go to the treatment site unless otherwise indicated.
If applying for reimbursement via check, the check will be made out and sent via mail to the site address provided, unless otherwise indicated.
Maximum benefit is $12,000/year. To change payment vehicle from Virtual Debit Card to check or vice versa, please indicate this on the VMC Enrollment Form.